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Being a startup, it is always like you’re short of resources and the clock is ticking. With a lot to be managed including staffing, paperwork, development, overhead, outreach, and testing, startups have grown volatile regardless of the industry. We understand your pain of not hitting the right spot and losing everything to a term that seems deadly – SEO.

We won’t underestimate that you have an idea of a great product or a fabulous service with some money to invest, great workers and the whole world waiting eagerly. But that’s always a huge mistake for startups to give up on SEO techniques just because of the fear of daunting odds and tepid initial results.

If applied correctly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be one of the best viable marketing channels which will help startups achieve traction at an affordable cost. 

With the game of brain and creativity, SEO can skyrocket your organic traffic.

SEO – What it means for a Startup

You must have tried searching something on internet search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Question: What did you realize?

Answer: Search engine results profoundly support branded websites that are vaulted with numerous links, a reputed brand name, and unrestricted budget for unsullied content.

With such a high standard of competition, you must be wondering on how to battle out these search results and be on the top of the list!

And this is the magic of SEO.

The results that you see are rich with fresh content and are highly specific to the search term. They have been indexed by the search engine with keywords that appropriately describe the type of page it is.

Now think. If you would be able to fight that content with highly specific keywords, then maybe your website will also be nominated for the 1st rank. This is the very point where SEO comes into the play.

So take a deep breath and stay focused as we take you through a short tour of how to implement a successful SEO agenda on your beautiful website.

Strategy 1 – Discover Your Keywords and Concepts

If you were to buy an old car, you would search “old cars”. This will definitely come back with a lot of search results. But they are not sorted according to your requirements. You won’t obviously go places to buy an old car. Instead, it’s better to search, “old cars in new york” which would show you precise results.

This is the value of a keyword and by now you must have understood the importance of keywords.

Now it is time for you to do the research of keywords for your business.

Firstly, identify your customers relevant to people, functionality, demographics, open data and content that would help you determine the target points. Using all these concepts, strategically develop a list of keywords that is suitable for your business type and customers. You may make use of a tool by Google – Keyword Planner by Google AdWords.

Strategy 2 – Plan Your Marketing Channels and Focus on Content

You must have heard it frequently, “Content is the King.”

But where people go wrong is marketing there useful content through inaccurate channels. Here, by channel we mean an online source through which you present your content to the audience.

You always need to remember that the channel strategy is only accompanied by content strategy.

With data analytics on the top of everything, search engines understand everything you write on your page. So be wise while including your keywords in the content. Any spamming would be blacklisted by search engines and recovering them becomes an intricate task.

Better be creative while you plug your content as top notch content only gets a place on the top of the list.

Strategy 3 – Technical Perfection of Website

Don’t fear the term ‘technical.’ It’s just that your website needs a check in some points for a flawless traffic generation.

How to ensure if your website is technically perfect for successful SEO?

Hit these points:

  • Don’t create invisible content or duplicate content.
  • Website is search engine friendly, i.e. responsive and well optimized.

Make sure that your website’s sitemap is submitted to the search engine which can be validated by navigating to Google Webmaster Tools.

Strategy 4 – On-Page and Metadata of Website

Your content elements including web pages, videos, images, social plugins or brand badges are the factors that improvise your website’s standing. These local listing and off-site feedbacks require optimization.

What you need to do is, insert proper title, description and keywords to each and every possible element of your website that helps in building schematic snippets online.

Before a piece of content goes out of the door and gets published, make sure that they are optimized with proper data. Have your pieces written with perfection that pull the desired attributes for your content elements.

Strategy 5 – Mobilize, Localize and Check the Metrics

You always need to keep in your mind that search engines are intelligent enough to filter data according to specific factors like geo-location, age, type of traffic and social needs.

You need to localize your content which means that your content should be targeted to precise geo-location in order to gain visitors and engage them. After localization, your content should be precise enough for the type of service you are offering which comes in the form of long tail keywords.

Creating local pages, geo-optimized profiles, location pages, support and reseller pages, and evergreen marketing pages focusing precise audience helps in engaging.

Contribute – Share – Interact is the rule of mobilizing your content.

You may continue to checking your engagement metrics by defining your webmaster properly. This helps in identifying successful KPIs and hence, related to the same you can manage your content properly.

Summing Up – Launch Your Startup Website without Fear

With strong footprints on the internet, you can easily battle out your competitors. But every startup should concentrate on engaging their audience which would help in expanding the standard around the internet.

Now that your startup business website is on its way to generating organic traffic, keep checking if your visitors get converted to leads, which we say ‘Call to Action’.

Moreover, if you are the CEO, this can’t be really your job! You will need an expert to handle the hassle as you focus on business and relevant aspects. Call them by any name – Marketing Strategist, Media Manager or Content Specialist, they will help you make sure that you are able to create appropriate outreach on the internet by implementing successful SEO methodologies.

Stay tuned for such successful insights that will help you carve path to glory.

Have any additional tasks you’d like us to answer? We are always ready to help enterprises, be it small or large. Comment your queries below and we’ll come up with unbeaten formulae.

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