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Online marketing is all about building relationships with your audience and other people in your market who you can partner with. There is no better way to start a new partnership with someone online than leaving comments on their blog that brings great value and helps their audience.

Bloggers and website owners keep a close eye on who comments on their content so your contributions will be noticed. This creates the possibility to connect with the movers and shakers in your market and discuss possible partnership opportunities. You can approach them about guest blogging, interviews, cross promotions but you need to create a relationship first and build rapport with them. Providing great content and value through your comments on their blog is a great way to do that.

Is it over? No, not yet!

If you are one of those bloggers who has been producing great content but doesn’t like peeping at others work, then start changing your mind as it will hamper your work. How?

A blogger publishing superfine content needs to get feedback and reviews of readers that indicates how appropriate the content was. If thought this way, comments are the most necessary path of defining a great blog. But why would I bother what someone thinks about my writing? If you are the one who thinks of this question, then be sure that there is no reason of blogging.

To meet perfection in blogging, you need to understand the mainstream of a blog, and that is engagement of readers. So if you are looking forward to engage users, then the only way primary to anything else is comment. Until and unless you start endorsing someone, no one would think of reaching you. There is always a spend some to get some in the online world.

Build Relationships First – The Way of Comments

Before you think of anything like partnership, you should be aware of the approach. A comment “you have written nicely” is just appreciation and it ends with a reply “thank you”. But did your comment lead you to any interaction. Prior to relationship, interaction is a significant gateway and just for the same reason, comment boxes exist.

If you are writing “I have a doubt”, then it is obvious that the writer recognizes your eagerness in your comment. This will absolutely lead you to an effective interaction. But to make it efficient, you need to keep track of your comments and address them with appropriate verse. Once you are attached to the string, the writer identifies your zeal and eagerness in his blog which will strike a flint that would let him ask you for a partnership.

Be sure that partnerships are built from the edge of trust and not just casual interactions.

Addressing more readers on the move brings you a better half of the mass that then start coming to your blog for information. Guest blogging, cross promotions and interviews can then be easily achieved as readers start trusting your content and the sort of interaction you make with them.

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