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Keyword Research Best Practices

Depending on the industry your website operates in and the content on your site, there might be hundreds of keywords that you could target with your onsite SEO. Best practice dictates that you only target 2-5 keywords per page, which means you’ll have to get picky. Even if your keyword research was on the right track, […]

Keywords Need to Be an Exact Match

Keywords, the functionality of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have been the most significant segment of search visibility online. Keywords are those terms which are brought to the content from vigorous research with respect to the target point. Here target point indicates to the search notion of a search engine. If you want to buy an old […]
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Building Authority With Blog Comments

Online marketing is all about building relationships with your audience and other people in your market who you can partner with. There is no better way to start a new partnership with someone online than leaving comments on their blog that brings great value and helps their audience. Bloggers and website owners keep a close eye […]

What SEO Isn’t

Most website owners perceive SEO as a dark art, shrouded in mystery. They have heard phrases like “gateway pages” and “keyword density”, or have been bamboozled by techno babble about the way websites should be built. All of this has left them feeling that SEO is the purview of experts. This is a misconception reinforced by […]