Content Marketing

Marketing, the most indispensable part of any company’s growth has now expanded to a very big and dynamic situation where pulling every segment of marketing effectively has become intricate. Above all, businesses can’t just use up everything including budget and time on building marketing plan which will extend their line of productivity.

So how’s it going to happen? Isn’t there just one gateway to setting up a vibrant marketing plan?

Yes! Content is your key to all marketing needs which will shape your overall strategy.

But is it that easy to channelize your content properly?

Why Channels for Content Marketing?

Without the execution of proper tactics and strategy, your story telling is of no value.

Question: But what are these content tactics that we are wondering about?

Answer: A strategy that will channelize your content in a way that your audience will be able to get the useful information crafted by you at the perfect time.

Here we will be simplifying the rocket science of identifying proper channels for your valuable content. Though they come in a sense of strategic format, we will make it a story for you, so be prepared to see the unfolded reality of ‘The Inconvenient Truths’.

Your Perfect Content Marketing Channel Plan

So are you done with creating content? What next?

You need to decide on how to distribute the pieces of stories framed by you that will engage your audience.

And for this, you need to think from the perspective of your audience. Considering the context in which viewers will get attracted to your content helps you frame the content accordingly.

Being simple, if you want to create an interacting community for your blog over Facebook, you will need to focus on the type of audience you are focusing at. To make it more precise, if your blog is about health and fitness, your best channel should lead you to unhealthy and sick people who would check in your content.

Yes it’s almost over. But this is not at all ideal and you may lose control mid-way, so go through the step-by-step process to build a highly effective content channel strategy that will help you thrash your competitors who have been there since ages.

  • Analysis of Present Situation

This is the universal step to all marketing strategy. You will get the solution by asking yourself three questions.

Question 1: What we have to distribute our content pieces? (Website, Blog, Social Media Profiles)

Question 2: Where to make changes? (Add another blog, Renovate Social Media Profiles)

Question 3: What all to stop? (Stop Blog and Start Social Media Activities or vice versa)

You already have an engagement cycle, and your present situation comes into play here. So this analysis will help you better understand in what is to be reframed for starting with developing channels.

  • Channel Goals and Content Plan

Your channels can’t be separate from each other from the perspective of end results. Each of your channels should focus on only one goal – same end result.

Remember, all your channels are woven to each other. If you’re selling mobile phones, your Facebook page can’t publish content relevant to apparel while your blog page going the other way focusing on the healthcare industry.

It is highly important to decide on your end results. If you are choosing to win hearts, you should curate content that is loyal and if you are looking forward to business conversions, your stories should be finely touched up.

  • Metrics & Campaign Performance

“I want at least 1000 subscriptions of the discount code campaign I’m running on Facebook this month” signifies metrics.

You need to understand that if you are not able to meet your goals, your channel strategy is going wrong somewhere and you need to review them. A constant watch on performance scale helps you keep your audience engaged.

Your content marketing strategy will blend with your marketing profile so be sure that you are telling your stories to the right people.

  • Management of Personas

Companies are seen holding multiple Twitter accounts for different purpose like customer service, promotions and brand account.

Which all personas do you need?

You first need to identify your personas that will lead you to creating the perfect channels for your content. You need to look at your content channel plan holistically and make your adjustments accordingly.

  • Editorial Plan and Management

Your editorial plan is the final settlement of channelizing your stories but it involves some purposeful investigation. You need to examine your business goals and values, analyze the type of audience you’re focusing and some measures like how often you need your audience to get notified that you exist.

It is always a worst way to remind your customers every often with something stupid that would instigate them to get irritated and finally lose hope on you.

So be very careful while crafting your editorial plan.

The best way to define an effective editorial plan is by concentrating on the following points:

  • Rate – How often you need to post. (2 posts a day)
  • Call To Action – Want them to get engaged in our blog.
  • Tone of Content – Friendly or Formal, Funny or Professional, Tongue-in-Cheek or Dynamic
  • Structure Word limit with pictures or Videos with captions

By now, you must be thinking, “Oh! It was so easy.”

As we said before, we have unfolded ‘The Inconvenient Truths’ regarding content channel strategy. Yu can always keep changing your channels and can shut down one content channel at any time to start with a new one. But more importantly, it is highly recommended to direct the existing audience to your new channels. And it is simple that it can be done by decisive redirection of audience to the new channels which they understand and get the value from.

Experiment, Review and Evolve – The Mantra of Content Channel Strategy.

We hope that after reading this, you’ll be able to develop a stunning content channel strategy. Please feel free to comment your queries below. We would love to address your doubts.

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