Creative Landing Page Design

You’ve already spent a big part of your budget for targeting traffic to your website. Unluckily, those visitors aren’t proceeding with what you want them to do.

But why is this happening? The sole reason is your landing page…

Isn’t your website landing page that effective?

Let’s navigate the grey areas of a landing page. Here in this blog post you will read…

  • What is a landing page?
  • How to design your landing page?
  • Key components of landing page.

So what is a landing page?

“…… A web page which serves as the entry point of the visitors on their first arrival to a website is called as landing page. However, when we link a landing page with online marketing and advertisement, it can be referred as a standalone page that is completely distinct from the main website where the solo purpose is to pursue the visitors towards the intended goal conversion without any distraction in the page”

You must have seen a creative looking single paged format as you click somewhere saying, “50% seasonal off” or “sign up for our newsletter”. You get navigated to a very well optimized, visually creative webpage that, provides you with a lot of information about the products/services of the company, and come with a blend of marketing statement that invites you to go further to take some actions that fulfils the reason for the landing page.

There are basically 2 types of landing page:

  • Click Through –The goal with a click through landing page is to persuade visitors to click through another page. Basically the traffic is here redirected to a “sign up page” or “add to cart page” where they are near to purchase decision.
  • Lead Generation – This type of landing page is designed to collect user data such as email address, name, phone number, location etc that allow marketers to reach the visitors subsequent times with emails or phone calls. EX – White paper, free try software, coupons and webinar registration related campaigns.

landing page

The above image is a glimpse of one landing page while there are businesses that have made successful interactions with their visitors and have converted leads into strong customer relationships by the use of landing pages.

I believe you are now clear about what landing pages are and how they have served businesses; it is time for you to know the process of crafting a highly creative and profitable landing page for your online business.

What the other types of landing pages are ……

What is it that you are aiming at? What is the scope and motive of your landing page?

These questions let us unfold the biggest truth behind landing pages: they come in two categories, reference and transactional respectively. It is clear that reference landing pages only reflect information to the visitors, while transactional aims at developing an instant base of strong sales leads.

Whichever you are going with, the most important factor is a well finished creative looking page and unique but simple designed format that would furnish appropriate information to your visitors. If your need is increasing newsletter signups, the message would be clearly bold, “Signup now to our Newsletter”, otherwise, if you are aiming at selling trials of your products, the message should be bold and clear, “30 Days Free Trial”. Whichever the perspective is, you need to entice your visitors. So how are you going to do it?

Why a Landing Page?

Yes. The spice of a website, a professional and creative landing page is all you need. Well. If you are still unaware of the benefits of having a landing page, here are some groundbreaking opportunities you can avail for your business by having a landing page:

  • Effortlessly Generate Leads
  • Showcase your Offers and Promos
  • Collect Demographic Information relevant to Prospects
  • Analyze Engagement in Prospects
  • Boost Marketing Channels
  • Analyze Marketing Performance and Effectiveness

These are some of the basic advantages any inbound marketer will see in improvising the lead generation process by having a landing page.

Here are the basic but key components of a landing page:

If we break a landing page into most basic parts from top to bottom, we will get to see a headline, subheading, some attractive images, a call-to-action button and some testimonials designed in bullet points. But it is very important to know each element’s significance and how they should be devised.

  • A killer Headline

Landing page headline can become a decider when visitors visit your page. Since the headline will be the first thing that a visitor is going to see, it has to be catchy and appealing. A good landing page headline must focus on business, must be relevant and answer the question the visitors seek, instantly.

  • A Simple, Short Subheading

A subheading (not always a necessary option, but quite effective one) lets you explain a little in detail about your product or services for the benefit of your visitor. The subheading must contain all the information in a very short sentence. Remember, visitors do not have time to go through a long explanation.

  • Images That Speak Thousand Words

Yes, images are an attractive feature of a webpage that captures visitors’ imagination. And for creating an effective landing page you need appealing images of your product or service or something related to it. This will help your visitor relate to your product and prompt an action.

  • An Explainer Video

Including an explainer video on your landing page that describes your product or services could increase the conversion rate. A video is fast and easy way to explain as it has both visual and audio effects and is considered as the key to design a perfect landing page.

  • Stand Out Call- To- Action

Call –to-action is the most important element of your webpage and perhaps the last stop for completing the traffic-to-conversion process. Whether you are prompting a visitor to call or download or buy your product, call-to-action is the ultimate goal that every website needs to achieve. It’s the final point of interaction between you and your customer which ultimately leads to conversion.

  • Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way of convincing your visitors that your product or services are worth buying.  Testimonials work like a word-of-mouth and help give your website a positive promotion. Most of the visitors do like to know about customer reviews and how the particular product or service has fared.

Though these are the key indicators of a landing page, you always need to keep in your mind that your landing page should be unique and should be well dressed with the ethics/culture of your business. Even your Call-To-Action button’s color matters and has an impact on the overall traffic generation.

Summing up

Choose wisely as you fix up the components of your Landing Page.

You need to remember the 3 Cs for your Landing Page

  • Creativity
  • Content
  • Call-To-Action

These will definitely lead you to a dynamic webpage which will not only attract visitors, but will also convert them into successful leads.

We suggest you to take a look at 15 of the Best Landing Page Design Examples which will help you boost your design to a much inspirational and creative sense.

Don’t ever forget that a masterpiece always evolves with instances and situational changes. Keep a watch at the analytics and success metrics of your landing page which will help you ahead to craft that masterpiece you always wanted to have.

Don’t miss the ‘persuasion’ in your landing page that actually brings a meaningful instance of positive action by a visitor. 

We have described almost all factors that help you craft a creative and professional landing page design. If you still have any queries, we are always free to answer your questions!

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