Future of Digital Marketing Prospects 2017

2016 turned out to be a pretty good year in the realms of digital marketing. While some great stuff made their way into the space, some even faded out from the practice.

In a nutshell the year was quite a revelation for the digital marketing industry. Well, 2017 has already rolled out and a novelty in trends is in store.

Before, we discuss about the trends and strategies that are going to dominate the year 2017, reflecting on the good and bad of the 2016 digital marketing trends would be a plausible idea to get started with.

Here are a few successful trends that worked in the year gone by:

Mobile search hailed – The fact is if anything has ruled the digital marketing arena in 2016, it is the mobile marketing.  No doubt, the mobile strategy worked like wonders for the marketers and there has been no stopping since.

Mobiles are handy and they are the most used gadget worldwide. So, basically gone are the days, when people would use it just for the purpose of calls and texts.  It’s certainly more than that and the netizens have taken to it in a big way by choosing to browse in their handset rather than reaching out to the computers and laptops.

The digital marketing industry made a fantastic effort in the mobile marketing zone and voila! What an outcome, it was.

Thanks to the bloom of mobile marketing, online presence got a major boost up for the brands and companies, which incredibly enhanced their business in an unexpected way.

The rise of silent video – Probably the greatest explosion in the digital marketing sphere was the resumption of silent video. This unpredictable trend hit the market in the massive way and led to the top in no time.

In today’s age, there is hardly anybody, who doesn’t own a Smartphone. And among all the means of communication, videos have successfully been able to grab the attention with an indelible impact.  Needless to say, 2016 witnessed a surge of silent videos laced with powerful content.  Videos are a rapid consumption mode and the marketers left no stone unturned to utilize the medium by infusing right content at the start of the clip.  Silent videos are still big in the digital world and hopefully this would excel as gloriously in 2017 as well.

Social media rules – Social media continues to thrive and it is unarguably touted to be the most prolific digital marketing platform. A well-crafted snippet could deliver an astounding result for your brand, which was again proved in 2016.  Whether it is about seizing a moment in twitter or focusing on the Facebook page or for that matter expressing creativity in social media pages like; LinkedIn, Google + , Pinterest or Instagram ,  a well thought-out strategy can never fail in social media and that is what, the digital marketing industry observed in the past year.

Though overall last year was effective for digital marketing, there were a few curious digital strategies which turned out to be a complete damp squib.

  • The futility of live content – The proposition of live content was one of the hottest digital marketing methods, however despite the efforts; this just does not seem to work. Brands struggled through to get it right and eventually miserably failed to manage it appropriately.

There are certain factors which could be attributed to the live content debacle and they are the low production value, broken functionality and of course monotonous content.  In short, live content could not do much in 2016.

  • Disappointment of iBeacons – iBeacons just did not work. Expectations were sky-high for iBeacons, but it failed to become a big player in marketing strategies.  Though, initially many reputable brands opted for them, but eventually the idea could not make much of a difference. The logical reason for its disappointment could be the mandatory requirement of user opt-in, which the customers could not connect with.

Now this was all about the digital marketing tactics in 2016, now, let’s look forward to the year 2017.

Content is the key

No matter what works or not, content always pays off.  And the thought would persist even in the year 2017. It’s simple: a good content can never go wrong and a low quality one can never prove to be fruitful. So, clarity on this can take the brand a lot higher.

In 2017 brands need to be careful about getting connected and engaged with their customers and in order to derive a desirable result, all they need to channelize is the quality content.

Images and videos can surely create an impact, but nothing can actually beat the effectiveness of the textual content. Yes, the mode could vary, but the influence of the content stays on in every parameter. Whether it is about bringing leads, traffic or for that matter links, content is indeed the greatest bet.

A word of conclusion

2017 could just be another year of surprises for digital marketing.  And a new height of innovation may just be lurking around to bloom.  Go 2017!

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