how google works

Are you wondering, despite of following all the rules of SEO, why your website is not in the first page of Google search results?  This article gives you an insight on the process that Google follows while ranking the websites. Google being the most important search engine in the world of internet basically rank pages in order of relevance and significance.

There is no such hard and fast rule which can ascertain of a good ranking but a little idea on the process that Google follows to rank can help to improve the ranking of your page. Read on to find out the ways.

  • Relevance matter: Google scan through the pages to determine the relevance of a page. There are certain factors which the page must need to contain to take the notice of Google for improving its rank. By now all the expert search engine professionals must be aware of the importance of the usage of keywords, site structure, inbound and outbound links.Taking care of these things can make your site relevant enough for the search engine. When it comes to a particular keyword, Google finds a particular page relevant which contains the keyword in a proportionate manner as compared to the page containing the same keyword hardly more than once. Quite evidently, the page which has used its keyword in the correct manner would be far more relevant for Google. And thereby it manages to grab a good rank.When it comes to assess the relevance, even the page title plays a great role.  If the page title does not contain the accurate keyword or for that matter contains one part of the keyword, it is most likely that Google would not give much relevance to it.
  • Assessment of Significance: Google basically determine the significance of the page by the help of algorithm. Page rank algorithm of Google considers many important factors. It basically looks into quality as well as the quantity of the links.It is extremely essential to add quality links on the page. These links help the page in a major way for the improvement of ranking.   Google tends to update and adjust the search results frequently which make the pages difficult to sustain their 1st rank. The page which is ranked in the first page possibly might not even find a rank at the second or third page for that matter after a week or so.If your site is on the second page, you still have a chance to bring it on the first page by adding some new informative content with a superior site structure along with some quality links. Google page rank algorithm which keeps on reviewing the search results may find your website far more significant than the one occupied the first rank. The leap of page rank scores entirely depends on the algorithm as eventually it decides the magnitude of improvement done in the website.

How to appear in the Top results

  1. Write long and informative contents
  2. Keep on writing innovative contents for the same site
  3. Optimize but do not overdo in optimization.
  4. Avoid adding excessive links
  5. A long anchor text is a must

Nothing can guarantee the No.1 rank but the above mentioned pointers can certainly help to improve your ranking.

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