Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages are an important part of any digital marketing campaign. It is a great tool for turning website traffic to customers. Unlike the other pages in a website website, a landing page is a standalone webpage designed for the specific purpose of prompting an action from your visitors. A well designed, visually appealing landing page can help in successfully converting the traffic into something useful.

Landing pages facilitate an action by the visitors like signing up for a newsletter, buying a product or making a call. These particular actions lead to successful business, which a websites ultimately aims for.  But, the effectiveness of the landing page depends on its correct representation.

Here are is what makes a landing page perfect that ultimately lead to massive results.

A killer Headline

Landing page headline can become a decider when visitors visit your page. Since the headline will be the first thing that a visitor is going to see, it has to be catchy and appealing. It must have the convincing power to persuade the visitor to stay on the page and perform the desire action. A good landing page headline must focus on business, must be relevant and must answer the question the visitors seek, instantly. Headline with a sense of emergency can trigger quick action on the part of the visitors like “Act Now” or “Buy Now- Limited Period Offer”

A Simple, Short Subheading

A subheading (not always a necessary option, but quite effective one) lets you explain a little in detail about your product or services for the benefit of your visitor. The subheading must contain all the information in a very short sentence. Visitors do not have time to go through a long explanation.

Images That Speak Thousands Word

Yes, images are an attractive feature of a webpage that captures visitors’ imagination. And for creating an effective landing page you need appealing images of your product or service or something related to it. This will help your visitor relate to your product and prompt an action.

An Explainer Video

Including an explainer video on your landing page that describes your product or services could increase the conversion rate. A video is fast and easy way to explain as it has both visual and audio effects.

Stand Out Call- To- Action

Call –to-action is the most important element of your webpage and perhaps the last stop for completing the traffic-to-conversion process. Whether you are prompting a visitor to call or download or buy your product, call-to-action is the ultimate goal that every website need to achieve. It’s the final point of interaction between you and your customer which ultimately leads to conversion.  Creating a call to action prompt using buttons, links and colors that stand out from the rest of the webpage, will convince visitors to click on it.


Testimonials are a great way of convincing your visitors that your product or services is worth buying.  Testimonials work like a word-of-mouth and help give your website a positive promotion. Most of the visitors do like to know about customer reviews and how the particular product or service has fared.

For any business that wants to succeed, needs a landing page that is capable of converting the traffic. Page visitation is not enough unless it leads to an actual action. Landing pages is one great SEO tool that can help businesses convert incoming traffic into a potential customer.

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