In order to rank well in the search engine result pages and gain solid footing online, websites need search engine optimization. No matter how great your content or website or products that you are selling is, if you don’t make them visible or accessible, it will all be in vain.

Search engine optimization has always been an integral part of the internet marketing. SEO can help websites get the desired amount of traffic they need through placing the website in the first page of any search engine.

But doing SEO for the sake of ranking only isn’t going to work. Google keeps changing its algorithms every now and then and rules are always changing. In such scenario you have to think long term.

If you are worried that your website or blog isn’t ranking well then you probably need to re-think your SEO strategy.

Here is basic SEO checklist for you to help you find your footing in the internet marketing:

Analyze your website

Website analysis is an important part of SEO. This will give you insight into how well your website is actually doing in the search engine pages. The website analysis includes the checking of keywords, content, backlinks etc. and determine how well they are doing in most of the SERPs. Check how much code you have on your page against the text. This is one of the important steps in how to SEO your website.

Analyzing the competitive websites keyword ranking

Staying up to date will need you to be aware of how well your competitions are doing. For this you need to analyze the content keywords and their present ranking in the SERPs. This will give you clear idea on where your own keywords are positioned in the search engine pages. One of the best ways to do a competitive analysis is to check the Google listing results. Pick up the five results from the list and see what is making them so popular and whether you need to tweak your keywords a little. You can use various online keyword ranking tools to find out.

Analyze your keywords

Keyword analysis is one of the effective ways to determine where your website stands and where it is lacking. Once you have identified which keywords are ranking well for your competitors, you need to further analyze it and break it down into key words and phrases that are doing the trick for your competitors. Here you need to analyze and review a number of things. Keep reviewing your competitive lists. In the meantime do consult some other industry sources as well. Knowing how many websites are competing for each keyword is essential. This will help you design your own SEO strategy.

Analyzing the search engine queries is another way of determining the competitiveness of your keywords. Check what words or phrases have been used in the search box. Things like plurals and singulars and sometime misspellings can also make a huge difference. You have to consider all these things to make your website rank well for the important keywords that you are trying. This is an important part of basic SEO checklist.

Keep a tab on your own ranking

Keeping a tab on your own website ranking is essential. You need to understand exactly where you stand among the competition to determine future course for website ranking strategy. How frequently should you check the ranking of your website? For starters, check the ranking weekly. If you are doing well for a couple of weeks then you can switch to checking the ranking every thirty to forty days. Keep track of your progress in a sheet so that you can analyze it later on.

One of the key indicators of whether your website is doing well or not is improvement in your website traffic. This means your target keywords are doing well and visitors are coming back to the webpage.

Not relying on the ranking alone

Getting a better ranking in SERPs is not the surest sign of success. Conversion is more important. If the visitors to your site are not converting than there is hardly any benefit of getting the first rank. But the ranking will help you in getting the lead over your competitors at least. Once you start getting the rank you wanted you can focus on things that matter to convert the number of visitors on your website. So, simply relying on the keyword ranking will not do. You will need to do much more than that.

Your SEO Objectives

Clearly defined objectives are important for any SEO strategies. Know what you want for your SEO work so that you can easily measure your ROI against your strategy. Your objectives may include to increase in your website traffic, number of conversion you want and other things. Having clearly defined goals help you stay focused on your task.

Strategy to optimize your content

Content is the most important part of any website. You need to build strong and high quality content for your website and then work on it to optimize so that it stays relevant to the current demand. Use the keywords to optimize the content like the titles. You can do the same for the Meta tags as well. Integrate the relevant keywords on the page source as well as on the content pages. The visitors search content using the keywords, so it’s important to have the relevant keywords in your content.

Test the effectiveness

Testing the effectiveness of your work is very important. You need to analyze search engine rankings and traffic to find out how effects your SEO strategies have been. Keep on working on the keywords and content of your website to improve search engine rankings of your website. This should be the continuous process as it will help you track your progress.

This SEO checklist is designed to help you take your website to the next level with pure and quality work. This strategy will work toward long term gain and will help your website stay on top of the competition.

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