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Yes, there are some technical considerations when it comes to search engines. However, any reasonably well-built website will be accessible to Google. You don’t need an expert SEO company for that (at least not if the Web designer does their job right).

As an aside, it is worth noting that if you take accessibility seriously for users with disabilities (such as those with visual impairments), then you will also make a website accessible to Google.

However, setting those technical issues aside, it all comes down to content. If you create great content, people will link to it, and Google will improve your placement. It really is that simple.

The question then becomes, how do you create great content?

Great content is not only the essence of making a brilliant website, but also serves as a component of SEO friendly factors that improvises indexing. Google being one of the most popular search engines takes great care of indexing as it places the most relevant elements in the search results. In fact, Google discovers, crawls, indexes and serves the results. But what does Google discover in your website or the links you have created? The primary object is content which is synchronized with the website model.

This is definitely a better way, a far better way of logically defining the biggest challenges. As Google answers tens of millions of queries every day, it keeps improving the intelligence with every search and web link click. But why would someone click your web link in the search engine result? Even if you have managed to promote your website to the top of the search results, people will first go with the title of the page which in fact describes 50% of the page’s description.

This title shown in the search result comes from metadata stored in the website. This metadata is highly important as it serves as the initial foundation to the concrete content available in the website. So it is very important to compose the metadata in a proper approach which would correctly define the sort of content present in the webpage.

Thinking of this, many have already tried copying content from some of the reputed brands’ websites which usually results in blacklisting of webpage which in Google language is called as ‘scraped content’. It is one of the biggest mistakes as it should always be remembered that Google search engine is far intelligent which can easily capture your mistakes in the content.

Until and unless you allow Google to access your website, indexing isn’t possible. And this is correct.

Robots.txt is the elementary section of your website which indicates a message to the search engine if it is going to be crawled and then indexed or not. Robots.txt is an important aspect of any SEO objective that matters and should be kept active. With Google’s robots.txt testing tool one can be sure if its effective or not.

These are some of the easiest ways which as a whole, can be called as a better way to bring back your website into form. Once these factors are intact, a website runs smoothly. But one thing should be taken seriously, content is the king!

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