Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends to Adopt in the Year 2017

With the beginning of 2017, the digital marketing trends are all set to new standards for website development and growth. Internet Marketers are seeking new tips and strategies to boost their ranking with Google in an affordable way. The market has seen a massive upsurge in varying SEO tactics for optimizing the website and ranks it No.1 in major SERPs. The fusion of search engine optimization and content marketing has become increasingly evident in all respects.

As per the researches, a full of 89% of business markers confirmed that, content marketing brags new prospects in the business. More than 70% of business holder plan to produce more content in the New Year than they did in 2016.

However, content can only prove effective if optimized in the right manner.

Organic Search Results are still the key driver:

Research and studies found, website gets 51 percent of user-traffic from organic search results. Only 10 percent of traffic comes from paid search engine optimization. This means, organic search engine optimization is still in the highest priority for visitors. Organic search is the primary driver of website traffic. However, the role of ads cannot be overlooked.

Optimize Your PPC campaign:

The PPC marketing campaign may face new changes ahead. Google plans to introduce a paid result of the local 3-pack, providing PPC a wider scope in local search. In the upcoming trends, getting a strong presence on the SERP will be nearly impossible without coordinating without paid search. Brands will need to coordinate organic and paid search marketing disciplines to greater success.

Build Contents on Trending & Interesting Topics:

There are millions and millions of content writers throughout the world who develop contents on list of topics such complete-guideline, buyer guide, article, blogs, pdf, white papers and many others on copied topics. It’s very hard to create original content that exposes new concepts and thoughts in the readers mind. Come up with some unique and interactive contents based on trending and interesting topics.

Contents on Competitive Keywords:

Change in different search algorithm affects the search volume of different keywords. However, there are opportunities for brands to promote an emerging keyword which their competitors are missing out. Use different analytical tools like a Google Keyword Planner, Google Adwords to find the least competitive keyword. Develop content around that keyword to improve backlink, site-traffic and earn more social interaction.

Monitor Your Competitor’s Social Interaction:

Social Media had already provided a wider scope for marketing and business development previous year. And, it is for-casted to be more groomed in 2017. If one of your competitors uses social media profiles to create customer engagement, make sure to keep an eye on their posting that allows their audience a better involvement. Read the comments and tweets properly to find a scope for your business.

Get on Top Rich Snippets:

The year 2017 highlights use of microformatting tools. This is a specific content structure that makes it easy for Google to parse information, making it easily accessible for Google Knowledge Graph and other intelligent displays in SERPs. Write rich snippets and rich answers to grab more visitor-attention.

Include more images, better videos:

Images and video production helps in connecting the right type of audience. With Facebook, Twitter and other platforms emerging as “Live Video” bandwagon, more and more viewers are hungry for visual contents. Last year the demand for videos was on top and 2017 is even going to be much bigger. The demand will see an exponential rise this year. There will be more involvement to images and video contents.

Create A Better Mobile Experience:

Most of internet users prefer portable device to browse or search. So, it becomes inevitable to improve the user experience on mobile devices like smartphone, tablets and other. Develop the content and website to fit the correct screen resolution.

The above-mentioned suggestions are sure-shot ways to achieve more success for your digital marketing campaigns. You can be rest assured with results, but always keep in mind “Internet market keeps on changing, always stay attentive to recent updates to avoid any hitch in future.

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