Most website owners perceive SEO as a dark art, shrouded in mystery. They have heard phrases like “gateway pages” and “keyword density”, or have been bamboozled by techno babble about the way websites should be built. All of this has left them feeling that SEO is the purview of experts. This is a misconception reinforced by certain segments of the SEO community.

The problem is that these kinds of complex techniques do work, to a point. It is possible to improve placement through a manipulation of the system. However, although it can have short term benefits, it will not last without continual investment. This is because the objective is wrong. SEO shouldn’t be about getting to the top of Google for particular phrases. In fact, we shouldn’t be optimizing for search engines at all. We should be optimizing for people. After all, that is what Google is trying to do.

Whatever the complexities may be, SEO is a friendly objective of any website as we say, “the website is very SEO friendly”. If once you start thinking of optimizing your website for the search engine, you won’t be able to pave the path to glory. Success can only be achieved if you start targeting the users or online visitors.

Targeting doesn’t just mean that clicking on to some of the most used KEYWORDS; it is just serving the visitors with essential knowledge which they are eager to see. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term which has been coined from the goal of achieving a better website by which it can be assured that the search engine is able to find your website and crawl it easily. After crawling, if the website gets indexed according to your objectives, then you can be sure that your model of website is perfectly presented to the viewers.

But why is SEO not concerned with the search engine?

In better terms, SEO cannot be a puzzle until and unless the viewers’ expectations are met. Making it more precise, one can create a webpage which targets the sale of mobile accessories, as an exemplary instance. And in this case, you shouldn’t check if the search engine finds your website valuable for mobile accessories, rather you should check if users find it more valuable and if you find users loving your page directed to the sale of mobile accessories, then your objectives are met and SEO is done.

But why aren’t you able to see returning customers?

This question leads us to an important discussion which still remains controversial as some unethical SEO tech geeks keep saying that you need to regularly add some promotional value to the targeted keywords, which in fact is a myth. Those days of traditional promotional techniques are gone and with dynamic components, it has become simple that SEO isn’t about regular promotions only.

To see returning customers, you need to make the communication effective and the only solution is to interact with them which will get them involved with your brand and help you establish a brand value. If you are thinking of great content, then you are right! The best strategy is to keep addressing your customers with a friendly tone as they like it the most. SEO isn’t just about spending on promotions, but is about ethically constructing a brand value which would gain you returning customers.

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